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Programming in Ruby for Arduino, com ...

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Programming in Ruby for Arduino, com Ricardo da Silva Ogliari e Dyan Carra

    • 18/11/2017 às 11:50 a.m.
    • Grabado el 18 de Noviembre de 2017 a las 11:50
    • 28 vistas

Description of the lecture: The use of open platforms for programming microcontrollers has leveraged the Internet of Things in Brazil and in the World. One of the most widely used and recognized today is the Arduino. This open-source and open-hardware electronic prototyping tool has gained fans at a fast pace. However, initially only C ++ programming limited the mass adoption of the technology. With the advent of the Firmata protocol, which exposes the ports in a common interface, several programming languages have gained an API that optimizes and clarifies the use of sensors and actuators. Nowadays, it is possible to program microcontrollers with different languages and, Ruby, could not be left out. The objective of this lecture is precisely to show the forms of Arduino-Ruby communication with and without protocol Firmata..

Ricardo da Silva Ogliari: Bachelor in Computer Science. Web Specialist: Strategies of Innovation and Technology. MBA in Applications and Mobile Games. Master in Applied Computing. Senior Android Developer at Megaleios. Professor of Undergraduate and Specialization at UPF and SENAC. Co-author of the book Android: Basic to Advanced. He writes articles regularly for iMasters magazine. Author of more than 340 publications (lectures, articles, workshops), most of them on subjects related to mobile. 10 names of Open-Hardware in 2013, elected by iMasters readers.

Dyan Carra: Ruby on Rails developer, passionate about web development and entering the Elixir world and new technologies.

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