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Dependency injection using Ruby and D...

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Dependency injection using Ruby and Dry-rb. What is it? How does it work and why should I use it? Com Gabriel Malaquias

    • 17/11/2017 às 11:50 a.m.
    • Grabado el 17 de Noviembre de 2017 a las 11:50
    • 41 vistas

As a Ruby developer, I almost never see the using of dependency injection inside common Ruby projects, so the first question that comes to my mind’s eyes is: Why should I use it? Is it really useful? If it is, how does it work? Well, over this talk I will try to explain the reasons why I’ve started to use DI as well a brief overview about the Dry-Auto_Inject and Dry-Container gems showing how it works on top of Ruby.

Gabriel Malaquias: I can define myself as a curious developer, I’ve always been learning new things. I’ve always been impressed figuring out new ways to build software. Currently working at Locaweb. Sometimes, in my free time, I try to write on my own blog ( about my experiences or discoveries

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